New to IQ Option tournaments? Here's what you need to know: you compete with dozens of other traders for massive prizes that can go up to thousands of dollars. To participate in a tournament, you receive a special balance after registering for a tournament. The goal of the tournament is to finish with the biggest tournament balance; traders with the largest balance become the winners and share the prize pool between them. It's possible to participate in several tournaments at once: you will have a different tournament balance for each one of them. Some of the tournaments require a fee paid with real money and others are free to join.

There will be quite a few tournaments in May 2020, and three of them are new: Long May Run, Cozy Times, and Funny Money. All of them differ in duration and prize pool, and all of them will require an entry fee to join.

Long May Run, Cozy Times, and Funny Money tournaments

Feel free to choose the tournament based on the period when you can find more time to invest in tournaments, be it a few days, a week, or even the whole month. For those who like the longer competition with bigger prizes to win, any of these three tournaments will be a good choice. For the start of the month, there is a Cozy Times tournament that starts at 00:00 (UTC+03) on May 1. It lasts for more than two weeks and can boast a $20,000 prize pool divided between thirty top traders for the entry fee of $4. Right after this tournament ends, another one begins – Funny Money will last until the end of the month and has a $15,000 prize pool. The entry fee is also $4. Lastly, Long May Run is a month-long tournament that will have the largest prize pool – $50,000. To participate in this tournament will cost you more as well – $20. Each of thirty traders with the biggest tournament balance at the end of the tournament will get hundreds of dollars. The most skilled trader will receive almost $3,000 – a nice return on the investment of $20. Each of the participants will start with a $10,000 tournament balance. All three of these tournaments support rebuys so you can always start over, albeit for the additional cost.


IQ Option May 2020 tournaments: Long May Run, Cozy Times, and Funny MoneyIQ Option May 2020 tournaments: Long May Run, Cozy Times,
and Funny Money 

IQ Option tournaments – May 2020

Besides the special tournaments, the regular less prolonged tournaments will be offered throughout May as well. These are great for time-conscious traders. For a $4 fee, Salary in a Day will let you compete for a piece of $3,000 prize pool over a period of 24 hours. Weekend Treat lasts for two days and has a prize pool of $1,500 and an entry fee of just $2. 72 Hours tournament lasts (you guessed it) for three days and has an entry fee of $2; fifteen top traders will divide a prize pool of $5,000. Lastly, as a middle ground between short-term and long-term tournaments, there are a few IQ Launch tournaments that last for exactly a week and for a price of $4 will let you enter the competition for $10,000.


New to the tournaments or need to refresh your memory? Not sure how rebuys work and what to do in order to win the tournament? Get the answers in the full IQ Option tournaments guide.



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