In IQ Option tournaments, you compete with dozens of other traders for massive prizes (that can go up to thousands of dollars) and get better at trading at the same time – practice does make perfect after all. Once you register for a tournament, you receive a special tournament balance that can be used to participate in a tournament. You can participate in several tournaments simultaneously, in such a case you will have a tournament balance for each of the tournaments. For December 2019, IQ Option has organized a handful of tournaments so you have plenty to choose from. These include a tournament with a $50,000 prize pool as well as new Star Wars-inspired tournaments named Light Side and Dark Side, and funnily enough, the latter is free to join.

Light Side and Dark Side tournaments

Let's take a look at the aforementioned tournaments first. Both of them will start at 00:00 (UTC+3) on December 17 and last for 15 days, in other words, until the end of the year. The Dark Side will have a prize pool of $5,000 and won't require a fee to join, so you will have nothing to lose should you decide to participate. On the other hand, the Light Side tournament has a four-times bigger prize pool of $20,000 but you will have to pay a $10 fee to join. To sweeten the pot, you also get a subscription to a service of your choice – Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music – all paid up for half a year. Rebuys are supported in both of the tournaments and will cost you $2 and $5 respectively. The number of rebuys is unlimited so you can get as many second chances as you want as long as you are willing to pay for them.


IQ Option December 2019 tournamentsDark Side and Light Side IQ Option tournaments

IQ Option tournaments – December 2019

There's another tournament that might be able to steal the spotlight from the tournaments above: End of Era boasts a prize pool of whopping $50,000. That is probably the largest amount of money we have ever seen IQ Option to throw at traders. The tournament takes place for a whole month of December, with 30 lucky winners to be determined after its completion. Of these winners, none should be feeling short-changed: the very best will receive $2,835 and the last in the winner's leaderboard will still take home $525. However, such prize pools do not come without a price – you will need to cough up $20 to enter the competition, and the same amount is required for rebuys. Each participant starts with a special $10,000 tournament account and has to grow the balance up to the top.

Another tournament, SnowFlake, lasts for the first half of December and for a fee of $4 offers a chance to get a piece of the $20,000 pie which is not a small sum by any means. The prize pool will be distributed between top-30 traders with winnings ranging from $255.59 to $1,380.19.

 SnowFlake and End of Era tournamentsSnowFlake and End of Era IQ Option tournaments

Lastly, Last Chance and Monthly Free Tournament cover the needs of those wishing to trade for the last half of December right through the holidays and those wanting to try the tournaments out without spending a penny, respectively. As the name suggests, Monthly Free Tournament lasts for a month and doesn't require a fee to join; it also includes a $2,000 prize pool, a part of which will be credited to your real money balance if you are one of the winners of the tournament. Last Chance tournament is literally your last chance to participate in a competition before the year 2020 begins. To hop onto this departing train, get ready to pay a $4 fee and enjoy the trading rush for the last two weeks of the year. Should you be hard-working and lucky enough, you will be rewarded with a piece of the $15,000 prize pool which should be especially nice to have with all the holiday expenses approaching.

 Last Chance and Monthly Free TournamentLast Chance and Monthly Free Tournament


New to the tournaments or need to refresh your memory? Not sure how rebuys work and what to do in order to win the tournament? Get the answers in the full IQ Option tournaments guide.


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Risk warning: Financial products offered by IQ Option include CFDs. CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.